First of all thank you for the effort you put in providing such *amazing docs - which makes development with Strapi a breeze! I couldn’t recall a nicer experience in setting up a project

My amazement maybe derives from the fact that I am a frontend dev, and that approaching backend with Strapi was is itself a very rewarding experience.

Having said that, I wanted to just ask you a petty thing, regarding the icons alignement in the docs page:

Could you please give some margins to those poor icon (something like margin-right: 5px) :wink:


I believe the issue stems from the specific OS/Browsers (snip taken from my daily machine, Linux Mint 20 with Google Chrome) but we can take a look to see if tweaking the Vuepress theme allows for this.

:pray: Thank you for the feedback on the docs, we are taking massive steps internally to make them even better over the coming months and we appreciate all the feedback.