Strapi Market is coming soon!

"Is there a plugin for that?" We get this question a lot at Strapi. And for good reason: finding the right plugin isn't that easy. Try no more, Strapi Market is coming soon! We now have a dedicated team working on building the most active & best quality open-source ecosystem for Strapi.

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I am taking an online course on Strapi, and in that course they are using an older version of strapi, and it has a working marketplace. I am trying to follow the course with the current version of strapi, and there is no marketplace. I find it confusing that your blog doesnt even mention that the marketplace seems to have existed in the past, and I assume it is being revamped, but very strange you dont even mention that, you only speak to it like its a brand new feature. It would seem to me to be a far more trustworthy way of communicating if your blog addressed the fact that the marketplace did already exist and it doesnt now for some reason. I assume its because your making improvements, and if you said that it would make me much more comfortable trusting your project. Thanks.

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Hi @afewell!
Thank you for your message.

There was indeed a page that was existing on the v3 and previous versions of Strapi that used to be called Marketplace, although it was not really one. It was more of an internal plugins listing page, where you could only find integrations made by our internal team.

This blog article refers to a real marketplace that will first be available on the link, and then inside the product, on the administration panel, where you used to find it.
On this new Marketplace, you will be able to find a lot of different plugins and integrations, made by our teams but also by our community or partners, and validated by us.

So it’s indeed an entirely new feature for Strapi, sorry that this article made that confusing for you. I hope it’s clearer now, and don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions :raised_hands:


“With v4 the marketplace is not live yet but you can still install GraphQL from your terminal using ‘npm run strapi install graphql’ within the backend folder directory.”
this is a comment from YouTube. It works well for me.

Yes you can use strapi instal plugin-name to install strapi’s own plugins.

Also you can install 3rd party plugins just with npm or yarn yarn add strapi-plugin-plugin-name.

The marketplace that’s being referred to here is a place where 3rd party plugin creators can share their plugin for it to have better visibility in the Strapi ecosystem. And that; is a completely new thing that has not existed before.