Strapi Multilevel Populating

Hi everybody,
I´m quite new to Strap and I have two questions regarding multilevel populating in the REST Api.

  1. I want to retrieve a image from a already populated resource. In my case I have a activity with dynamicContent. This content contains a image. My goal is to retrieve the url of the image.
    I tried it like this: populate[dynamicContent][populate][0]=image
    But unfortunately this doing nothing. I´m I doing something wrong ?

  2. If question 1 is working, how can I strip all fields out of the image. As image resource I´m using the cloudinary plugin and therefore I have a object inside with large, medium, etc. and for simplifying things upfront I´m prefering retrieving just the large one and at the end I just need the url, as already said, from the large one.
    But I have no idea, how to achive this!

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