Strapi Network Error on assets

Hi Everyone,

I deployed my strapi api on heroku, i am trying to add images using url, as heroku doesn’t store images.
But everytime i am trying to do it, i am getting a network error.

Anyone can help ?


I think you’ll have to provide more information for us to help.

What network error specifically are you getting?
Are you using a third-party image provider?


Thanks for answering. I am getting a network error, everytime i am trying to add new assets using a link as shown in my screenshot.

This is the URL i am using. The image is uploaded to the server where my domain is :

I thought the error was coming perhaps from a lack of security from my link. But even when i try a simple google image link the error is still the same.

Tell me if you need more details,


any fixes you got? im having the same issue with image urls