Strapi Newsletter

Hello everyone,

Im trying to build custom newsletter database with strapi.
Does anyone have some suggestion or if there is maybe template?


  1. customer subscribe to newsletter on front-end
  2. customer gets link in email to confirm
  3. customer is subscribed to newsletter and in every email is link to unsubscribe from newsletter

1.Create a content-type subscribers, with fields: email(string), activated(boolean, default value false), token(string). From front-end, when user subscribes, create a new entry in subscribers with his email, activated:false and generate a random token based on his email. To generate the token use lifecycles (beforeCreate or afterCreate). In afterCreate lifecycle add a function that sends the email confirmation with an url, that contains this token.

  1. Creat a new get route, something like: /confirm-subscription, then create a custom controller, that gets the token parameter from url and updates the subscription’s field activated from false to true.

  2. Same approach as in step 2, create a new route like /cancel-subscription with a custom controller, that updates the subscription field activated from true to false.