Strapi not updating data changes in production anymore

System Information
  • Strapi Version: v4.12.1
  • Operating System: Ubuntu 20.04
  • Database: Postgres 15
  • Node Version: 18.12.1
  • NPM Version: 8.19.2
  • Yarn Version: N/A

Changes in the Strapi content panel aren’t being reflected in the API calls. I changed one of my fields and the data changes aren’t there. E.g. I changed my ContactPage Title field to ‘Contact Us’ and the API still returns ‘Contact’ which is what I had when I first published the page.

This wasn’t happening when I setup it over the weekend. The only change I made was adding a user.

I’m running strapi on a Digital Ocean Droplet having followed this deployment guide: DigitalOcean Droplet Deployment | Strapi Documentation. I use pm2 to run npm start and systemd runs pm2 on startup. I use nginx to serve both strapi and my application.

Things I’ve tried:

  • Restarting strapi, the app, and the server.
  • Re building strapi and the app
  • Clear cache on my browser
  • Restarting nginx.
  • Investigating all running services using top, ps aux and systemctl

Anyone know what else I can try? I suspect that I have two instances of Strapi running but I don’t see the second one anywhere. I’m pretty stuck :slight_smile:

There was a second process running strapi and that’s what I was connecting to. Suspicions confirmed!