Strapi - Pardot integration

Hi all,

We are trying to find the best solution for how to send the form data from Strapi to marketing automation software, Pardot by Salesforce in our case.

The idea is to configure integration with the Strapi webhooks, but it’s not clear what to do if there is a network error or anything else got wrong.

Does anyone know what are the best practices to troubleshoot webhooks and/or make them more reliable?

Also, if anyone has solved a similar challenge, would be good to know what approach you used.


entry.create with for example an attribute like successful: false → Webhook → Webhook-Response Success? Update successful: true. → If not: we just leave it like it is and (re)try unsuccesful ones when the next entry is created.

It’s totally up to you and your requirement what works best for you…
You can first catch up all successful: false entries when entry.create ist triggered again or check for such unsuccessful entries regularly or retry it after entry.create for x times.

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thanks @lolafkok!

do you mean that Strapi will automatically re-try unsuccessful ones or is your suggestion to implement a custom re-try feature?

You could use lifecycles to send all before or after create or update to an other program

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Does strapi generate logs for webhook like when webhook event is sent successfully or it failed to sent event etc? If yes, how to enable/view those logs?

If not, how to check response of event if its not sent because of network error or because of some other issue?

webooks are not logged at all also no clue how to log if they passed or failed

Thanks @Boegie19
Can we limit the webhook trigger to specific content type like page/form etc ?
As I can see it is applicable to all content types by default

There is no way only thing you could do is make a custom webbook handler in lifecycles