Strapi-plugin-navigation | problem with type=tree

Hello guys! I am using the strapi-plugin-navigation and it’s working as expected except from the type=tree. It doesn’t matter if I’m using tree or flat, the response is always flat.

Any ideas?

I have created the following structure

  • wrapperElem1
    • wrapperElem1.1
      • externalSource1.1.1
      • externalSource1.1.2
    • wrapperElem1.2
      • externalSource1.2.1
      • externalSource1.2.2
  • wrapperElem2
    • wrapperElem2.1
      • externalSource2.1.1
      • externalSource2.1.2
    • wrapperElem2.2
      • externalSource2.2.1
      • externalSource2.2.2

please open in issue for the plugin maintainer on github

It was a weird one, it worked after setting the plugin again.

Here is the issue in the repo: