Strapi-plugin-users-permissions is not shown in left menu

Hi all,

I’m a newbie, just installed Strapi (v3.2.5) as suggested in the docs (npx create-strapi-app my-project --quickstart).
I created many collections and added content records too and then realized that the “Roles & Permissions” plugin is not shown on any of my servers (own Ubuntu 18 PC with Node v14.x and AWS bitnami-NodeJS with Node v12.x). In the PLUGINS section I can see “Content-Types Builder” and “Media Library” only.
The plugin is referenced in package.json and is installed in node_modules.

What could be wrong with my installation?

Thanks in advance,

Can you check in settings if you have Roles & Permissions section, as it was moved from Main menu. If it is not there, can you check if you have plugin installed in node_modules?

Yes it was moved to settings in v3.1.5 (quite a while ago now)

Hi sunnyson and DMehaffy,

Thank you all for the quick replies. :smiley:
The plugin is really placed in the Settings menu.
My bad, I followed a Udemy course from late 2019 where it was shown in the Plugins then I checked a Youtube video where it was still in Plugins. But I missed to check the docs. :roll_eyes:

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No problem, it’s a question that comes up often. We had it in our change logs but didn’t really mention it too widely. It’s also quite the task to update a lot of the old screenshots and videos :laughing: