Strapi powering the Spaceflight News API


I’m the developer of the Spaceflight News API (SNAPI for short, no relation to Strapi ironically)

A little intro/history
The Spaceflight News API was created as a solution for my problem when I wanted to develop an app for Spaceflight News: many (great!) news sites with different API’s.

To make it easier for myself, I began a project that would aggegrate metadata from those news sites and publish them through an API. Since there are others that might benefit from this API, I decided make the API publicly available.

Versions 0.x and version 1.0 were developed using NodeJS and Express, all written by myself. Soon I had some people working with me so I needed a CMS. I used a couple of different CMS systems for version 1, but eventually I wanted to create a v2 of the API and I decided a good CMS would be the first thing to look at. I’ve tried a few, and happily sticked with Strapi.

Strapi enabled me to quickly (within 2 weeks IIRC, without testing) build the new API. Apps and websites connect directly to the API exposed by Strapi, with some 40.000 hits per day and growing steadily. I still need to customize the Strapi content-manager a bit, but that’s also on the roadmap.

In the future, I might develop a separate API again, to make it all a bit more scalable. Strapi, however, will remain the backbone of the project.

I advocate a lot for Strapi at my clients, where I mainly work with Python (Flask, a little bit of Django). I work with Python, simply because I join existing environments. If, however, the situation arrises where I can introduce Strapi, I don’t mind doing that :wink:

SNAPI is completely free and open-source. If, in the future, it’s financially possible, I plan on buying the Strapi Bronze package. Not for the benefits, but to support this awesome product.


Please do keep in mind two things:

If your project open source, you classify for a free bronze license regardless: Free Strapi Enterprise Editions for Students, Open Source and Non-Profits

Also if you want to support us outside of buying a license, we do have an open collective that you can contribute to with no contract or obligations: Strapi - Open Collective

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I’ve joined the Open Collective.
Although I’m Open Source, I’m not registered as a non-profit organization, and this is required for the EE version if I understand correctly?

Nope it’s an $or there. So long as your project code is publicly available and you are using an approved OSI license type (MIT, Apache, GNU-GPL, ect) then you qualify for the free bronze license. We also do allow non-profit but not open-source projects to apply with validation of their non-profit status and also students from an accredited school (and a student ID) to apply also.

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