Strapi pricing plans

I was interested in upgrading my community version of Strapi to the Silver plan so I could get support.

When you go to buy this plan you automatically have to sign up for a 5 user Silver enterprise plan, at a cost of $1,740.

I sent Strapi support 2 separate emails… a week later I am still waiting for a response. Not great customer service!

Does anyone know why you can’t sign up for under 5 users to move onto the Silver plan?

Hello Readysteady,

I am sorry it took me so long to answer your topic.
We have a minimum of seats because the Silver plan includes a dedicated CSM contact; this job is best for a team starting at this size. While for a smaller project, it will not make sense to have a Customer Success Manager working with 1 or 2 admins.

Is support something you look for?
Because if not, the Bronze plan might be best for you since there is no minimum required for the seats.