Strapi production env and Testing env for multiple Website architecture


I’ve been using Strapi to host the content of several websites, each of which has a unique front end and domain and is hosted on EC2 and routed through Nginx.
According to the strapi deployment guidelines, I’m presently hosting them on a testing environment, however they haven’t stated anything about env migration from one environment to another with content and schema other than import and export plugins via cli, which is OK but not suitable for little modifications.

I’m not sure about the following things:

  • Need to create three envs- local, testing and prod, need to migrate the incremental content changes from testing to prod instead of whole strapi dump.
  • How can I host multiple websites content with one strapi, currently I’m hosting one website’s content on my strapi.
  • Content should not be directly reflecting on save, need to be checked and reviewed first by business on prod (for small changes), checked strapi workflows but were not much help.