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Hello, I am a business owner and I am looking for a CMS. I was wondering if you could help me get some more information regarding the CMS. My start-up company is a News publisher. I was wondering if the following features are possible on Strapicms, Frontend for my website is React.js:

Do you know if StrapiCMS is able to do this?:
• The admin can control the news content by: • Adding news articles manually.
• Reviewing reported news items.
• Subscription Management
• Admin can: • Create and update costing and subscription plans for users.
• Video upload
• RSS Feed
• Archiving Content

If you could let me know, I would greatly appreciate it!

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There is a feature called ‘Review workflow’ which allows you to have certain roles be able to review the news articles of other editors.
This is however a paid feature of Strapi, I’d be interested in that also.

Then for the subscription model, I don’t believe there is a simple plug and play implementation for that. Would be nice to have some plugin with which you can sell certain roles.

Video upload yes.

RSS feed not ootb, but should be a small feature.

Archiving content can just be done by adding a boolean field to the news collection type. Also quite simple.

Would you please so kind and Reference some of the things you have mentioned. So I can share this with my developer?

Also What do you mean by “RSS feed not ootb, but should be a small feature.”

Review workflow:

Video upload will go through the media library

Archiving content can be done with a boolean field

RSS feed is not something Strapi offers OOTB (Out Of The Box), but you could easily create a custom endpoint to expose your content through RSS.

If you ever need any help with Strapi development, or custom plugin development I might be able to help. I own a company called PluginPal ( which focusses on commercial Strapi plugin development.

If I need anything, I will let you know!

Many thanks again!

Have you looked at Ghost?