Strapi reset on heroku

System Information
  • Strapi Version: v4.3.0
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Database: Postgress on heroku ?
  • Node Version:v16.15.0
  • NPM Version: 8.10
  • Yarn Version:

Hi ! I’m using heroku to deploy on internet my strapi, following the tutorial given using the PostGress pluggin but when dinorestart it still reset , I saw a post who do changes to database.js but it doesnt change anything, I also saw that you need to enable production mod and it seem that heroku now does it automaticaly from what ive saw. Any idea how to solve it ?

Hey @Tenebros did you manage to solve the issue? Also, did you make sure that you are deploying only your backend folder ( or where Strapi is installed)?

It seem I have skiped an step, It “should” work but I’m actualy trying to solve the problem that heroku don’t keep images, I’m using another website that do Api Image upload to solve the problem and instead of using the media I will use a component to stores link(s), I’m actually trying to figure how to make a post request with those because it keep returning 400

“Don’t keep images” as in the images are not rendered on your application? To make a post request to Strapi server, don’t forget to enable permission (Users & Permissions > Public ) roles for your API.

No I mean the fact that files save on strapi are not persistant on Heroku they erase themselve at each reload, I just finished everything time to see if it work on heroku

Yea it worked I had skiped a part accidentaly everything worked except for the image that are temporary like i said

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So Heroku doesn’t store any images, so if you want to store images don’t use local upload use a provider to store it.
Heroku works like a deleted docker file. So when the server stops it deletes everything.
This is why you don’t use an SQLite database and or local providers for image uploaders.

More info here