Strapi sitemap plugin by boazpoolman

Morning all. I have installed the Strapi sitemap plugin by boazpoolman. I have installed the plugin however after adding my URL bundles and saving when I generate a sitemap nothing happens. It says sitemap successfully generated.

Should anyone find this. The issue here was that the folder Strapi was trying to write the sitemap file to was a root root folder. Updated the folder to the Strapi user and it worked.

I wish I knew what you meant because I think this is the exact issue I am having! If you ever find this, can you clarify what changes you made?

I don’t know much about the plugin so I’ll make an assumption here.

Look for a setting/field that says where the Sitemap will be generated, it might say path or a relevant name. Take a screenshot if you’re unsure.

In most cases, unless you configure it otherwise, the sitemap should be stored in the root folder.