Strapi trying to save data on wrong table

System Information
  • Strapi Version4.2.2:
  • Operating System Windows 10:
  • Database SQLite:
  • Node Versionv16.16.0:
  • NPM Version8.11.0:
  • Yarn Versionnot using:

Hi there, Greetings!
Really enjoying Strapi.

I am having a problem while trying to save a menu__link.
I am getting a Server Error.

It is apparently trying to save data on components_menu_menu_links, but I am trying to save data for a single link, which is the menu_link component (singular).

error: insert into components_menu_menu_links (display_aside, label, underline) values (false, 'some link', false) - table components_menu_menu_links has no column named underline

That is the strage thing. I am trying to add a menu__link (singular) which is a component. I also have a menu__links (plural) which is also a component. Aparentlly is trying to add my menu__link (comp) on the menu__links (comp).