Strapi Upgrade Issue on App platform

System Information
  • **Strapi Version4.6:
  • **Operating SystemUbuntu 18.04:
  • **DatabasePostgreSql:
  • **Node Versionv17.9.1:
  • **NPM Version8.11.0:
  • **Yarn Version1.22.19:

Am deploying a Strapi v4 to app platform but on deployment it returns v4.5.6. I need this version to deploy as I’ve also added some modification to middleware for cors and it’s not serving the latest deployment. Under run the logs show v4.6

I’ve tried removing yarn.lock, adding NODE_ENV to build command in package.json and it’s not working. So far no change is working.

Anyone who has a workaround? Am literally stuck as I use api and I can’t build the new version on the front-end.

When you are upgrading make sure you changed the following.
Version number in package.json
Make sure you delete cache and .build folder.
Make sure you run yarn install and yarn build to rebuild your new admin panel that you deleted.

The version is 4.6 as your screenshot shows, but the admin panel is not rebuilt so it’s the old one.

Sounds to me that it’s not actually rebuilding it.
What’s the step you did ?
Did you do this in the App deployment pipeline too as it needs to do it there as well, i’m going to guess the cache etc is in the pipelines there.

Thanks for the help, I’ll close this issue. I did some digging and found there was a generated ssl certificate that points to a directory in the droplet that also has the strapi files from the previous developer. Using the generated link points to the correct files. I’ve added the subdomain and will check if it works later.