Strapi v4.2.0 with Logo Customization and providers on marketplace is live ☀️

Heyy everybody!

We’re happy to announce Strapi v4.2 with new features:

  • Logo customization - change the logo in the Strapi admin panel in a couple of clicks, at any time. No need to dig in the code!
  • Providers on Strapi Market - in the in-app marketplace, you’ll find not only plugins, but providers as well. You can submit your provider using this form.

We are also stopping the support of Node.js 12, since it’s come to an end-of-life stage. Everyone is advised to migrate to newer versions (Node.js 14 or 16).
You can check out the complete changelog here and read the blog post to learn more about the updates.

We would love to hear what you think about these updates!
Please share your feedback in this thread :heartpulse:


Glad to see this feature added. Had to learn how to do it manually which is useful but even more helpful not having to dig through manuals or code for something everyone is going to want to have ready from the panel.

I upgraded to 4.2.0 and have it built and running on my VPS but the Customization tab is not there?