Strapi v4.4.5 is live!

Hi valued members of our community @here

We’ve just released a new version with a couple of new smaller features such as being able to customize the dark mode and adding a compatibility tool-tip in the plugin marketplace.

Here’s what’s new in this release:

  • Fixed number fields within custom fields
  • Unified design-system version across all packages
  • Updated the default Strapi favicon to our new icon

Bumped koa/cors to the v3.4.2 to fix a filter origin issue
We had to revert this change in v4.4.5 as it was a breaking change

… and much more/ translations/bug fixes/enhancements in the change-log here; also please see the v4.4.4 changelog!

Stay tuned, more updates are coming!

Don’t forget to checkout the v4.4.5/v4.4.4 documentation release here also!

Also if you are interested in testing our current beta the following feature is available and another will be coming in a few weeks:

Great news

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