Strapi v4.4 with Custom Fields and upgraded API Token is live 🔥

Hello, dear community members!

Exciting news: the awaited Custom Fields and API Token v2 are live in the new v4.4

These features make your Strapi apps even more customizable and secure.

We’re excited to present four new custom fields: Color-Picker (by Strapi), Shopify (by @WalkingPizza), CKEditor (by CKEditor team), and UIID field (by @VladyslavVolkov)!

Learn more about what’s new in the announcement blog post and please, share what you think about these updates - your opinion is very valuable.

We would like to thank everyone who contributes to the project and makes Strapi better :purple_heart:

Also, we’re inviting you to join the October Community Call on October 12th, during which we will demo the new features and share our plans for the future :maple_leaf:

Stay tuned, more updates are coming!


Hi again, everyone!

We released a v4.4.1 with a critical security fix of Users&Permissions plugin, please make sure you’re updating to the latest version.

Thank you!