Strapi v4.7.0 saving relations not behaving properly

System Information
  • Strapi Version: 4.7.0
  • Operating System:
  • Database: Postgresql
  • Node Version: 14
  • NPM Version: 6
  • Yarn Version:

I have a single type called FAQs, with one-to-many relations to categories of FAQs, such as Booking FAQs, Appointment FAQs, etc. which are of collection types. After adding relations to FAQs and saving, the save is not persisting.

Here is what it looks like

It seems to be reverting to an older save (?) as the last updated by will show a time from before.

I’m hosting Strapi and Postgresql on Railway. When checking the database logs, I see these logs:

2023-03-13 11:33:59.311 UTC [23366] LOG: could not receive data from client: Connection reset by peer

2023-03-13 20:09:29.079 UTC [32795] LOG: the “timescaledb” extension is not up-to-date

2023-03-13 20:09:29.079 UTC [32795] HINT: The most up-to-date version is 2.10.0, the installed version is 2.1.1.

However, I am unsure if these logs are related to the problem at all, as the timestamp does not match when the save problem is happening.

One thing to note is that I had a collections type called FAQs before, but I changed it to a single type with relations in order to get manual reordering of entries.

Would appreciate if anyone can provide assistance, as this is a production set up for a client. I’d be happy to provide more details/screenshots if needed.

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Does this only happen on railway or also locally?

if it happens also localy can you make an as small as posible replication of this and make an issue on

Only on Railway so far.

I’m having another problem with dragging and dropping relations to reorder them causing an error:

Uncaught Invariant violation: Expected targetIds to be registered

Looking into it a bit more it seems to be related to react-dnd, however I am unable to find a fix. Is this a known issue, and if so, is there a fix? Otherwise, I’ll make an issue on github.