Strapi v4.9.0 cannot create custom Plugin - not shown in Admin Panel Side Bar

HI Guys,

I have been working with strapi v4.9.0 and i need to create a custom plugin which will allow to export my content-type data base entries into a downloadable CSV file. Now, I know that plugins for that already exist, but I need to create my own one (because of dependencies etc. …).

I am programming in typescript and followed this tutorial: Plugins development | Strapi Documentation .

As you can see in the picture, the plugin is listed under Plugins. But neither in the Admin Side Panel nor in the Settings can I “access” the plugin. I checked the plugin folder structure, and nothing seems to miss.
Also I re-build the project several times, deleted the cache, reinstalled node_modules/ and registered the plugin in config/plugins.ts as shown in the tutorial.

Does someone here has any suggestion as to why I cannot seem to make this work?

Any help is appreciated!


Try this to register your plugin in sidebar menu.

this doesn’t work. I got the same problem. But I use typescript.

Please help! Thanks very much!

Hi, i also used typescript. But the suggestion from the previous comment also did not help me. In the end I did have to re-build the project but my project was contained in a docker container. So, if you work with docker you will have to ‘npm run build’ in the container, not just at the root of your project. If that is the case, I can, if you want, send you the comment to get into the container.


Hi Antonio,

thanks so much for the answer. I didn’t use the docker. But your suggestion works for me today. Actually yesterday, I also did this several times, but it doesn’t work. But today, I did with yarn. So I have no idea, whether it is because of the “yarn” or restart computer. But anyway, I think, it should be a bug of typescript version.

Could be. I am glad, you could work it out!