Strapi v4, API response does not show relationships?

System Information
  • Strapi Version: 4.0.0
  • Operating System: macOS Monterey Version 12.0.1
  • Database: “sqlite3”: “5.0.2”
  • Node Version: v12.18.3
  • NPM Version: v16.13.1
  • Yarn Version:


I was testing out Strapi v4 and noticed that relationships are not visible on GET requests. When I looked at the v4 documentation I also noticed it on the restaurants’ (categories relationship), see the picture below (on the left v4 and on the right v3

users & permissions plugin > Roles > Public: All permissions allowed.
Am I missing something?

Check this github issue:

I have the same problem, no matter how I format the populate query parameter the relations do not show up in the response.

You can try something like this : &populate[0]=owner&populate[1]=participants&populate[2]=participants.pax

That work for me :

I’m using qs for this : qs - npm


What do you mean by your last sentence “I’m using qs for this”? What else do you do after installing it? Your query URL looks like a normal request to strapi.

Thank you!