Strapi v4 MySQL admin panel not work

Hi. I am working on Windows, the following problem occurred when installing strap v4. When MySQL is connected, the project is assembled, tables are also created, but when you start localhost:1337/admin, a white screen is displayed and the registration panel is not rendered. When working with the database, everything works fine by default.

If you inspect the page what errors do you get in the console ?

I didn’t check on the rest of the DB except for the standard one. But with MySQL, the project is going with this error. I also tried different versions of node (14.18.1 and 16.8.0). When switching to localhost:1227, a panel with an administrator creation button is displayed

In general, it turned out that this error occurs if any parent folder has a capital letter in its name. Well, I also started running the terminal with administrator rights, but I can’t say whether it affected.

I fix temporarily the issue using the folder /tmp
on Mac the Users folder contain a capital
but still looking for a cleaner solution