Strapi v4 Plugin: Migration Guide

💡Please note, that we have released an updated plugin migration guide. We suggest following the migration guide in the Strapi documentation.

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Will there be a migration guide for Mongo ?

So many step, I think should be a video step by step to guide migration from v3 to v4 and fix some bug maybe appear…

MongoDB is not supported, so best way to do it would be possible for now.
Create an empty postgres instance of V3. then have both instances running and sending date to each other to populate the database.

Is there a way to configure strapi-provider-upload-aws-s3 to work with Strapi v4, please?
Not sure how to use the new structure in plugins.js to make it work.

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According to the docs the configuration should be exactly the same as before, so I think we may need to wait for AWS S3 upload provider to be updated to be compatible with Strapi 4.

Seem so - hopefully Strapi provides that soon or I might just adapt their upload plugin myself. Thanks!

For strapi-server.js, the path below for controllers should be ‘./server/controllers’?

const controllers = require('./server/contentTypes')

No, we do not support MongoDB. If the MongoDB decide to build a connector (which is looking highly unlikely at this point) it would be up to them to write that type of guide.

Strapi (the company) will no longer support (meaning we will not focus any effort) on NoSQL or MongoDB for the foreseeable future unless it’s to lend help to a team to integrate their own custom connector into our ecosystem (that doesn’t mean we will help them build it).