Strapi v4 : Strapi custom plugin data doesn't display on result page

I want to create a custom plugin on Strapi v4 and to do that I need to create a service on the server side that retrieve data to use them on the front end side.

I created my plugin using the tutorial of Strapi so he is completly and fine integrated.

My problem is that I’m able to recover the data on the server side but not to display/send them on the result page that is send when the feature is called so I can’t use them on the front end side of the plugin.

Here is my code in the file my-plugin/server/services/my-service.js :

getData() {
    try {
      //I create my response variable
      let response = {};
      //I recover my data with strapi that is returned in Promise
      response = strapi
        .query("", "strapi-plugin-export-csv")
      //I return the data on the result page
      return response.then((data) => {
        return data;
    } catch (err) {
      console.log("An error occurred while loading the data :");
      return null;

The Result page that stay in this state :

Thanks a lot if someone could help me a little !