Strapi v5 Community Committee signup

Hello @everyone

Special announcement today, we have begun the planning phase for Strapi v5 and have decided not to repeat the mistakes of our past in Strapi v4. :sweat_smile:

We are planning to hold a monthly Strapi v5 Community Committee meeting where we will pick 10 different community members each month to participate. These meetings will be recorded and shared publicly to the rest of the community as well for transparency (one of our core company values).

Ideally what we are looking for is a vastly diverse group of community members from all walks of the ecosystem: Developers, Plugin Maintainers, Content managers/creators, or just regular users. The idea is for us to share some of what we are working on, our thoughts, and any RFCs/Alphas/Betas/Designs/ect.

Likewise we want to hear your voices; be that comments, concerns, topics, questions, etc. So today we will open up general registration for all those interested in participating. You can use the following Typeform to sign up and answer some questions: Strapi v5 Committee Signup

Towards the end of April we will begin reaching out to the members selected for the May meeting (1st one) and begin trying to find a time slot that fits with everyone’s schedules. Additionally we will keep this registration form open throughout the entire v5 development cycle and towards the end of each month we will select 10 new community members for the following month’s meeting. Our hope is that we get enough registrations not to repeat the same user in multiple months but it is certainly possible.

After the first meeting we will open up a video archive channel and general v5 discussion channel for those that may not be interested in participating in the meeting but still wish to voice their comments, questions, and concerns.

We sincerely look forward to engaging more with our users and are very excited to hear what you wish to share & say.

With love :heart:
The Strapi Team


Hey Derrick,
my main hope is that v5 won’t contain too much breaking changes.
I am still migrating v3 sites to v4, yes, still.
The fact that I have to change DB, migrate DB, rewrite folders, rewrite plugins structures, use different lifecycles with completely different bodies, use a different entityService shape, different REST output, different GraphQL output, etc. Basically, I used a different CMS… Releasing v4 ment releasing a new frontend simultaneously because of the new outputs. Not being able to do it incremental really was/is a tricky part of the upgrade, prone to bugs. I really, really hope breaking changes are limited this time. Or split into multiple steps. I understand from marketing point of view you would like to release a New Big Thing TM, but in code I would rather have Strapi 4 2.0.0 with a single breaking change, and Strapi 4 3.0.0 with the next.
My 2 cents. Looking forward to see what you have been up to.
All the best, Laurens


I am also struggling on V3 to V4 Migration . Having isssues mostly with the plugins . I hope it doesnt break anything new .

These will be breaking changes but almost certainly nothing compared to v3 vs v4 and likewise the data migration will be far better and smoother now that we have DEITS/DTS as we basically can just write a v5 destination provider (since we already have a v4 source provider) and do the conversion within DEITS.

Hey folks, any updates on the timeline for v5?

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