Strapi with cpanel - Unable to upload files using media library

[details=“System Information”]

  • 4.4.0:
  • **Centos 7 **:
  • mysql:
  • 16.0.0:
  • 8.15.0:

I used cpanel to install strapi and everything work fine
but when i tried to upload files or get library files using media library i got the following erros 1. error: {status: 404, name: “NotFoundError”, message: “Not Found”, details: {}}

  1. details: {}
  2. message: “Not Found”
  3. name: “NotFoundError”
  4. status: 404

same error in plesk

for me in Linux Cpanel I solve it by disable mod_security and it`s work fine

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Is there a solution to this problem? Had the same problem on plesk runing on a linux dedicated server.

This also works for me and I have no idea why this happens.