Strapi work as ecommerce?!?

Hello but Strapi work like an ecommerce headless platform? Any sample to show with Gridsome?

Hey @Lowell130,

you can build with Strapi whatever you want. Strapi helps you to build a database and to manage your data afterwards. For the frontend you can use whatever you prefer. Gridsome is one framework of many that you can use to play with your data. Strapi has also a good documentation where you can figure out how to connect your frontend with the backend.

Hello thanks i know, i made a blog with Strapi and Gridsome but I don’t know how set-up e-commerce site with it, so i asked for ready tutorial about that

There are no tutorials for e-commerce website with Gridsome, but if you already know how to build a blog, what’s the problem with building a shop?
You may take a look at tutorial which builds a Food Delivery app.

Create content-type Categories.
Create content-type Product with relation (Categories one-to-many with products).
Create content-type Cart with two relations (Cart one-to-many with products and Cart One-to-One relation with User).
Create content-type Orders with two relations (Orders one-to-many with products and Orders One-to-One relation with User).

Restrict the access to the cart only to the user who created it, by using the owner policy.
Restrict the permissions to Order (Users can only Create orders, but they can’t update/delete, and so on)

Now you can create products, put products inside the cart, create orders, and so on.
You already have 50% of the e-commerce website after all these steps.

Haha easy! Thanks

Hello everyone! The development cost depends on the feature set and its complexity. The more features you want to implement, the higher the final cost will be. I found information in detail here how to build a food delivery app, check it out.