Strict Origin when Cross Origin axios Next Js Strapi

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I am working on a Next Js based Dashboard and Strapi CMS based API System

So in the dashboard, I am calling an API http://localhost:1337/api/batches but
I am receiving a strict-origin-when-cross-origin error, which eventually blocks my request.

And this error only comes if the dashboard is accessed through local IP (i.e.
So when the dashboard is accessed through then it throws an error but not when accessed through http://localhost:3001

NOTE that strapi backend URL remains the same i.e. http://localhost:1337/api/...

As part of allowing all origins in strapi
In the strapi part, in config/middlewares.js I have mentioned

    name: "strapi::cors",
    config: {
      enabled: true,
      header: "*",
      origin: "*",

BUt still receiving the error.

Till evening it was all fine, it was working fine, but without doing anything it started throwing this error
When I was the first time setting up strapi, I faced this error but hat solved by setting origin to *, but this time

When accessed through local IP
When accessed through localhost