Structure of Strapi data

I’ve been following the “Get Started” code at Svelte | Strapi Documentation but modifying it to work with my own Strapi database.
I can use all of the code in the script block and get my data returned to the console but when I try to add in the HTML code I get an error “Uncaught (in promise) Error: {#each} only iterates over array-like objects.”
Here is a sample of what my Strapi database returns to the browser console from my program…

  1. {data: Array(2), meta: {…}}
  2. data: Array(2)
    1. 0:
    1. attributes:
    2. Branch: “Sydney”
    3. Current: true
    4. DOB: “1981-09-01”
    5. DateJoined: “1991-10-11”
    6. Email: “”
    7. FirstName: “David”
    8. Info: null
    9. LastName: “Smith”
    10. MemberNumber: 137
    11. PhoneNumber: “*******”
    12. Postcode: ****
    13. Street: “*****”
    14. Town: “******”
    15. createdAt: “2021-12-16T06:06:29.877Z”
    16. publishedAt: “2021-12-20T07:09:45.468Z”
    17. updatedAt: “2022-01-02T07:04:35.508Z”
    18. [[Prototype]]: Object
    19. id: 1

This is json data as shown when accessing the strapi database directly in a browser…

This looks nothing like the structure of the “Example Result” shown in the “Get Started” code I am following.

How do I modify my Strapi database to give the same json structure shown in the Get Started code, or how do I modify the Svelte #each loop to extract the items from my own database?

With thanks for any guidance.