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Just looking at different CMS options and really like the look of Strapi.

I wanted to ask a general question about the suitably of using Strapi for a subscription site where members get access to music lessons. (Including videos, audio, third party sheet music player (iframe), third party metronomes(iframe) etc). Courses would also be available individually as packs, which could presumably be managed with Stripe.

I’m from a Wordpress background so am still getting my head around headless (excuse the pun). I’m planning on using Nuxt for this project.

If somebody could please point me in the general direction of how this could work I’d be very grateful.


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Have just found this The Strapi Starter Nuxt.js e-commerce so may have answered my own question!

But if anybody has any advice before I dive in then always appreciated!

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I’d been researching gated access and membership/auth as well for Strapi and Nuxt. This might come in useful for you:

Also check out the Strapi module for Nuxt - great for auth

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Very useful, thanks for that!

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