Support for Custom Fields

I was wondering where we are with the “Custom Fields” feature request?
Looking at the roadmap it seems like this is the most requested feature. Is it already in progress? Is there an ETA already?
For my projects this is very critical. So I really hope this is coming soon :wink:

There are some pre-reqs required to support this that we plan to tackle for v4/Internationalization.

Those two being:

The core issue is being able to dynamically inject new fields, but also how to link those to the database ORMs to actually construct the database schema to match the fields.

Thanks for the reply. Is there a rough ETA already?
I am digging deeper and deeper and understanding more and more of Strapi. May be at some point I can also contribute in the furture. For now I am trying to avoid touching the core files, but I already came pretty far with several workarounds that implement features/modifications at runtime via client side JS. E.g. Conditional fields, left sidebar optimizations (Menus better using the available real estate, preventing scrollbars, filtering items etc.). I consider this approach proof of concepts to find out what I really need and how it should work from my perspective. Great fun so far. So keep up the amazing work!

No ETA on this one other than probably sometime in 2021. Lots to do and so little time.