Swagger parameters not working. cannot pass column names to swagger parameters

System Information
  • strapi - v3.5.4:
  • Windows 10 Pro:
  • SQLite:
  • node - v14.16.0:
  • npm - 6.14.11:

I have installed swagger documentation pluging.
for any api endpoints generated automatically only _limit, _start, _sort operators work.
The rest parameters do not work as column name is not prefixed before the operator.

for e.g.
if I pass “Turkey” to = parameter box in swagger, this is what I get


  "statusCode": 400,
  "error": "Bad Request",
  "message": "Your filters contain a field '=' that doesn't appear on your model definition nor it's relations"

I know that I need to pass it like

How can I pass column names to swagger parameters.


And finally, we are planning a refresh in Q3 to the entire filtering system:

More details on the filtering change will come as we get closer to v4 development cycle this year, including a public RFC

Got it working. Understood the need to override each api’s documentation by creating a copy in respective override folder.