Switch from cloudinary to S3

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i have a website craft with strapi and next JS, in production. I’m using cloudinary to host my files, but i have more that 4000 files and i’m hitting the free tier of cloudinary, even with a low traffic on my website (5K user / month), and the problem is : the paid plan of cloudinary is really expansive. I want to switch to S3, but how can i switch from cloudinary to S3, without loosing my files on cloudinary ? Do i need to reupload every file one by one ?

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anyone can help ? :s

If anyone look at this topic, i solve the problem by creating a script to automatically download image from cloudinary, upload it on S3, and update strapi database to change the provider, format and name of each image. Be careful, you have to update every link on your database too

Share your script :grin:

Why not switch to BuckBlaze B2? You have 10GG free tier, and if you proxy through cloudflare you don’t pay agrees fees.
Comparison: Cloud Storage Pricing Comparison: Amazon S3 vs Azure vs B2

Would you mind sharing the script? I think it would be very helpful for community if you could make git repository and share it with us. If you wrote it in a hurry and don’t want to share the code, please look at some libraries like amplify, the code quality is very low there but no one cares as long as it helps us with otherwise tedious task :slight_smile:

For anyone who needs to perform the migration in the future, this is what worked for me: amazon s3 - Strapi - how to switch and migrate from Cloudinary to S3 in production - Stack Overflow