Table similar data organization

Hi, i’m going to create a fullstack app with a Strapi on backend and Next JS on frontend.
The app is a color themes storage for many different projects.
It would have such a structure:

Project type → Project name → Theme name → Theme params

For example:
AON → template_aon_1 → theme_blue → { $main-fill: #fff; $main-text: #000 … $param-n: #value n}

So, for one project there is a single params set with a given collection of color params. It means, if theme_blue for template_aon_1 has 250 params, another theme theme_green for this project should has the same 250 params.

I tried to organize collection types with relations of depending data, but it seems like I should pass all of the params from different themes and projects to the one collection: Params.

And it makes very inconvinient to add new params, because I just have a flat list of all themes in Themes Collection from all of the Projects Collection.

Could anyone help me with proper data organization?

I would be very thankful!