Terms of use of the free plan on self-hosted

You can clarify the terms of use of the free version of strapi, on my self-hosted.

  1. Do I understand correctly that although we are going to deploy a working environment on our servers, we do not have the right to independently configure the Single Sign-On feature, since this option is included in the paid tariff plan?
  2. A similar question to the number of administrators. The terms of the tariff plan indicate the ability to create up to three roles (Up to 3 default roles). And we cannot manipulate the expansion of the number of roles on the local server.
  3. Do I understand correctly, judging by the fact that there are restrictions on the number of administrators, our local version must have access to the outside world to regularly check compliance with licensing rules (number of roles), otherwise it will block itself? I ask this question in the context of the potential requirement of IT security in closing the system from the outside world.