Text Description field is not taking input in production for some reason. Locally everything works in both development and production configuration

System Information
  • Strapi Version: 4.10.6
  • Operating System: Ubuntu
  • Database: Postgres 15
  • Node Version: Node 18
  • NPM Version: Latest
  • Yarn Version: Latest

Hi Community, Yesterday we deployed a blog with our strapi and next.js

When we tested the content manager locally all the text-area fields or the Text description fields were working fine locally but when we deployed it with the production build the long length text fields are not taking input in strapi.

They are staying blank and enabling the save button but when I saved it and went back to check whether the data is saved no data was saved either.

Attaching the screenshot for reference -

The about field and the other similar text fields are not working properly. No error log in the strapi console as well.

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am facing the exact same issue both in local dev and production. My system setup is identical to yours with one exception… I’m on node 16.8.1

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I’m also facing this problem.

I have this problem. Has anyone solved it?

Same issue for me :confused:

Same issue here, since yesterday, I’m not sure if related but I’ve just update to the most recent version of strapi 4.10.6 on Strapi Cloud:

Node v16.20.0

Also, I tried to downgrade back to 4.10.5, where it was working but the downgrade didn’t affect the production on Strapi Cloud.

It seems like you’re encountering an issue with your Strapi and Next.js deployment where the long text fields are not accepting input and saving the data properly. Here are some concise troubleshooting steps for resolving the issue with long text fields not accepting input and saving data properly in your Strapi and Next.js deployment:

1- Check field configurations in Strapi to ensure they are set correctly.
2- Verify content type permissions for user roles accessing the content manager.
3- Inspect API request payload to ensure text data is sent correctly.
4- Verify the database connection between Strapi and your database.
5- Clear cache and rebuild your production build.
6- Check server logs for any error messages.
7- Test in a different environment to narrow down the issue.
8- Update dependencies, including Strapi and Next.js.
9- Seek assistance from the developer community if the issue persists.