The restart is taking longer than expected

System Information
  • Strapi Version:
  • Operating System:
  • Database:
  • Node Version:
  • NPM Version:
  • Yarn Version:

Could you provide the logs from your terminal

  • Is this server running on a server, or your local machine?
  • Can you provide server logs?
  • Have you tried refreshing the browser?
  • Have you tried restarting the server?

Hi and thank you for your response
This is the log

Everything looks OK in the log!!!

System Information:
Strapi Version: 4.10.5
OS : Ubuntu 22
Database: Default (SQLite)
Node version: 18.16.0
NPM Version: 9.5.1
Yarn Version: I don’t use yarn

This is a new installation and has no installed plugin.
I tried this in ubuntu 20 also and the result is the same.
I’m connected to the server with Remote SSH extension in VS code.

  • Yes, this is a Linux (Ubuntu 22) VPS server.
  • I provided the server log screenshot above.
  • Yes, by refreshing the browser, the admin panel will return and works. I tried other browsers and the result was the same.
  • Yes I restarted server multiple times before.

I want to add that I use npm run develop command to run the strapi in development mode.

To confirm, every time you restart the server, the server logs say it’s running and then you go to the site and it’s saying it’s restarting?

Or is the problem that whilst you’re on the admin site, the server is restarted after changing a content type, and then the UI is not fixing itself?

Yes, when I change a content type that needs to restart the server, the UI cannot refresh itself after server restarting and I should do it manually by refreshing the browser.
There is no warning or error in logs.

Is there anything happening in the Network tab of your Developer Console?

No there is no errors in those tabs !

I have the same issue, my teammates with the same backend - no.

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I find out how to solve it after months.
There is a problem for restarting the panel after any changes in data structure when you open the Strapi project directly in your vs-code and use built-in terminal to run it (npm run develop).
If you simply use another shell session to run the Strapi and not using the built-in terminal, the problem will be solve.

Not sure if this bug is fixed or not, but here is my error screen-shots and step-by-step encounter

After i logged in i create a New content-type as you can see in this image upon clicking save it i got the “The restart is taking longer than expected” error on my browser Here is the screen shot for the same.

[ScreenShot 1](
About almost a min after the server actually restarted maybe it was performing some background task, and got a few error and the UI spinner was running non stop untill i refreshed the browser.
Here is the screenshot of the after the server auto restarted.


Please refer to the windows clock for calculating the time in between the screenshot for excate time.

Now, one may say i have slow internet, but no i run on 20-40 mbps speed, and at that time i was running almost 22 mbps.

Could anyone find a solution for this ?