The strapi installation does not start

Hello everybody.

I am a beginner with strapi. I would like to get help following the installation of strapi at my O2switch host.

He responded to me :

"We don’t know your CMS on our side or how it works.
I come across: It works!
NodeJS 10.24.1
I think the launch file for your project is not the right one, feel free to change the configuration. "

Thank you in advance for your help!



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Thank you!

Can you help me please my strapi won’t start!
Here is my nodejs confirg in my cpanel:
Version: 10.24.1
Application mode: production
Root app: needply-js
Application URL:
Application startup file: app.js
Passenger log file; / home / deya8836 /

For the file manager:
At the root, I have a folder:

  • needply-js:
    o needply
    o public
    o tmp
    o nodes_modes
    o and app.js
  • npm

When I connect to my url: I have a page:
It works!

thank you in advance

Hi, I see your app is up and running. Could you share your app.js file?