This expression is not callable. Type 'typeof import("stripe")' has no call signatures

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I’m attempting to integrate Stripe with Strapi. I have this line of code in my project:

const stripe = require(“stripe”)(“secret-key”);

However, I’m encountering an error message that says, ‘This expression is not callable. Type ‘typeof import(“stripe”)’ has no call signatures.’ Can you please help me identify and fix the issue to resolve this error?"

*I’m using javaScript not TypeScript

I am having the same issue here. When I figure it out i’ll be back to share.

I am not for certain, but it seems that the issue is that when we’re trying to import the stripe package it is throwing an error because stripe is written in typescript and so it throws a type error. However it still works importing into a project written in javascript, regardless of the error. To remove the error you can use // @ts-ignore above your require statement. This may be a rudimentary solution but it works.

I found that I have experienced a temporary issue with my development environment, specifically Visual Studio, which sometimes show errors in code that aren’t really there.

The fact that the error disappeared after a while is a strong indicator that it might have been a temporary glitch or confusion in my code editor.