Tips wanted: Creating website Strapi CMS and handing over to clients?

Hi guys,
Apart from developing web software, I’m also creating a bunch of websites for clients.
I’m allergic to php and WordPress (even though I have supricingly little experience with it lol).

I just rebuilt my company site in Next.js and Strapi.
The Next.js app is built as a static website (SSG), but will fetch content from Strapi at a given rate.
This resulted in an extremely fast website (as its html), even though it’s backed by an external API (Strapi).

Ususally what I would have to do on a client website, is to create a admin area in which they could update
their website content. With Strapi you kind of get this functionallity for free.

I was thinking about using this solution for client websites.
Is anyone else using Strapi for customer websites?
What modifications are you doing to the Strapi dashboard, to make it look less intimidating to a tech savy client?

I will, of course try to sell a maintenance plan, so that I can provide service to the websites my self, but sometimes
the client wants to do all that themselves. I want to provide them the best possible solution. That aint WordPress…

Any tips or experiences on this subject? :slight_smile:

Stephan Valois

You and me both

We are actually doing the same thing for :wink: Though we haven’t customized the dashboard.

Not directly related to your question but you should reach out to @vcoisne and @commentsBot about our Partner program: Strapi Partner program for Value Added Resellers and Training partners

Sorry I don’t have much to add to your query but I am certainly interested to see what our community can provide back to you in information

I saw that partner program. Can you explain what it is a little further?
That web page doesn’t really explain what its for, thanks :slight_smile:

Sure! Basically the goal of the partner program is to pair up those looking for custom development with a company/team that is able to provide what someone is looking for. As the Strapi team is far too small to be able to handle custom development we wanted to engage with design and development agencies that are able to/willing to provide that type of service.

It is also for those agencies to help promote them and engaging with them for support, licensing, and training. Our goal is to assist where we can to build a great ecosystem for everyone.