To Migrate or not to Migrate


We are super excited and happy with Strapi.
However, we have one important concern.
As far as I understand, the database is excluded from the repo.
That means that when we work on a local environment adding content, we will have to add the content again after moving to dev/production. I think this is not ideal. What workflow do you suggest for this very common case? What we would like to do, ideally, is to add content in the local environment, and then move that content to production.

Onb the other hand, is it possible to connect a personal database (no the default strapi database) ?
If that is the case, I think we colud have a master and unique database in a live server, and then connect all the environments to that database (local, development, production). I think this could also be a good approach, since all the environments would have the content sinchronized.

I would love to hear about you opinion in this two topics.
Thanks in advance, Bruno.

Read about the “data transfer” features in the documentation.

You’ll probably want to enter your data on production and transfer it to local and development instead of transferring to production. I’ve used many different CMS systems over the years, and I find that this workflow keeps things much simpler for content authors. (despite being completely counter-intuitive for developers)

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