Tons of /GET request coming from nowhere

I’m having this issue, there’s some way to debug this? I don’t have anything using my api to get data, just my Strapi and SQL localhost…
I start my project and this bug start.
What I do?

You have something running on your localhost that is make those requests, you could create a very basic middleware that logs the ctx.request object to see some of the data but I’d start by looking at running services on your host to see if there is something running you do recognize. Most likely some kind of frontend application.

Do you have any example about it? It sounds very interesting to keep queries tracking.

I don’t on hand but let me spin something up as it may help others in debugging requests for various aspects.

@DMehaffy and @LuisAlaguna it was my fault!
I had a loop on my /GET code…
It was strange because my node server was offline and my strapi keep receiving requests.
I made some changes and it’s all good!
Thanks guys!

No problem, I’ll still continue with a debug middleware because I use that reference often but many don’t know quite what I mean. If you want to track progress: GitHub - derrickmehaffy/strapi-middleware-debug: A simple debugging middleware for Strapi to help log the

I’ll eventually just publish it to npm to make it easier to use.

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