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Thanks for this post

I haven’t manged to get it all working yet - and I just wonder if some parts of it have become outdated ?

Is this still a good guide to follow ?

Thank for the comment. Where are you running into issues? It will help me trouble shoot as I go through the guide and see if it requires any updates. Also, there is amore complete tutorial that you can follow here Generate a Strapi plugin - How to create a Strapi v4 plugin

I did get it working in the end

one of the problems was missing import statements for some of the React components such as

 startIcon={<Plus />}

I’m also seeing a deprecation warning

The `request` function is deprecated and will be removed in the next major version. Please use `useFetchClient` instead.

Yes, that is correct. This tutorial was created a while back. Here is a code snippet of using “useFetchClient” hook from a plugin I was working on.

You can read more about it in our docs here