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I think there is two bug in Settings page and setting data stored unexpected format in PluginStore. Due this bugs settings page and store not working.

In admin/src/pages/Settings/index.js line 27 is wrong I need to correct it to because there is no settings key.

In admin/src/api/task.js line 15 body key isn’t valid due the code never use it. Correct code is

setSettings: async data => {
    return await`/todo/settings`, data);

There seems to be a part missing in this tutorial, where the todo/settings routes are actually created. I’m geting 404s in the admin panel because of this

To import design-system’s components, you need to change import path from this document’s code sample

// incorrect path
import { Box } from '@strapi/design-system/box';

//correct path
import { Box } from '@strapi/design-system';