Transfer from external strapi to Strapi cloud issue

System Information
  • Strapi Version: Latest
  • Operating System: Cloud
  • Database: Cloud
  • Node Version: Cloud
  • NPM Version: Cloud
  • Yarn Version: Cloud

So I have an issue in that I am moving my strapi from AWS as the account is being closed to Strapi Cloud.

The first issue is that the transfer times out on my media, I assume down to the amount of files I have. I end up with error: [ERROR] read ECONNRESET part way through the asset transfer. This is not the major issue but would fix things for me.

As I cant get past this issue I have resorted to using the --exclude files flag. This is fine in getting my data in but all my images are still hosted on my old cdn link in the media library.

So my question is there a way I can make something that will download all the images that are in the media library and re upload them, finally deleting the old media? I have around 750 images so manual is not an option.

Alternatively does anyone know how to fix the 1st error saving me from doing the 2nd fix?