Transfer to remote Socket hang up Error even when using without Nginx inbetween

After an unsuccessfull attempt to get it working through nginx I’ve now gotten to the point where I directly access strapi via the ip adress of my server. Now I have a new error at least but nothing appears in the strapi logs, nginx doesent log anything either obviously because its turned off. Through my browser I can access strapi as usual, just the transfer doesent work.

The command I’m using is this:

yarn strapi transfer --to http://IP_ADDRESS:1337/admin --to-token

My .env file looks like this (its a test system):

NODE_ENV: "development",
HOST: "",
PORT: "1337",
DATABASE_TYPE: "postgres",
DATABASE_NAME: "deploy",
APP_KEYS: "toBeModified1,toBeModified2",
API_TOKEN_SALT: "tobemodified",
TRANSFER_TOKEN_SALT: "tobemodified",
ADMIN_JWT_SECRET: "tobemodified",
JWT_SECRET: "tobemodified",

And this is the log I’m getting when trying to run the command

  method: 'select',
  options: {},
  timeout: false,
  cancelOnTimeout: false,
  bindings: [],
  __knexQueryUid: 'euYgfA9N_KXt1ZU0m63y3',
  sql: 'select "t0".* from "strapi_api_token_permissions" as "t0"'
[2024-06-25 10:43:30.154] error: [FATAL] socket hang up
Transfer process failed.
error Command failed with exit code 1.
info Visit for documentation about this command.

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