TriggerAzure Build Pipeline

Hey my friends,

we launched our corporate website lately using Gatsby, Azure and (obviously) Strapi. It went all smooth so far.

Now we’d like to trigger our Azure Build Pipeline every time things get changed in Strapi. I’ve done some research about it and saw that Azure already has something called like “Service Hooks” and here in Strapi we can create “Web Hooks”.

The question is if anyone has got some prior experience or a definitive guide how to tie Azure and Strapi together that we can achieve our goal described above?

Many thanks in advance and a great week,


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Hello @Jean-Marc_Mockel,
Can you please share the instructions on how you deployed strapi to azure?
I’m trying to deploy to azure ASE but not successful so far.
I’m getting Unexpected Tokens < error when i’m trying to launch the site.

Any help is greatly appreciated.