Trying to figure this out

Hi everyone! I have just worked my way through several tutorials on Strapi and am still trying to understand exactly how I can use Strapi to its full potential. I can see how it is useful to build static websites, but how would I use it to build an app where users post data and then see that data displayed immediately (in real-time preferably) without me having to rebuild the app every time? I just saw a tutorial that talks about using webhooks to rebuild Strapi on Heroku whenever an update is made, but that seems really slow as it takes some time for the rebuild to happen. I have not worked through that tutorial yet. I also have seen a tutorial on using but the tutorial is old and not sure if it will work well with the new version of Strapi.

For next.js use getServerSideProps, which builds the pages on the fly.

About, you want actually to make seamless updates on the page without refreshing it or why do you need sockets here?

I would want to implement chat capability perhaps and some traditional CRUD capabilities. Is this something that I can achieve with a Gatsby Strapi site? Do I need to use a database like Mongo? Do I need to use outside services like Formspree? I’m not the best developer and most of what I have ever built was with mySQL and PHP. I took a long hiatus from web dev to pursue golf professionally, but I am back to trying to learn new technologies and I am absolutely in love with React, VUE, Gatsby, Next, Gridsome, etc. Hell, when I was working, we were still using tables and 1 pixel gifs! :rofl: